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deutsche mark deutsche mark or deutsche marks (deutschemark or deutschemarks) [2 definitions]
devaluate to decrease the value of. [2 definitions]
devalue to decrease or annul the value, worth, or importance of. [2 definitions]
devastate to ravage or lay waste, as by war or natural disaster. [2 definitions]
devastated laid to waste; severely damaged. [2 definitions]
devastating causing devastation or great upset.
devastation the act or an instance of destroying or ruining, or the destruction or ruin thus caused.
devein to remove the vein from the back of (a shrimp).
develop to bring out the potential of; advance to a more complete or more effective condition. [10 definitions]
developable combined form of develop.
developer someone engaged in buying land and developing it for housing, businesses, recreation, or the like. [2 definitions]
developing gaining in size, maturity, or complexity.
development the process of developing or bringing to a completed state. [4 definitions]
developmental of, pertaining to, or constituting development. [4 definitions]
Devi a Hindu mother goddess. [2 definitions]
deviant different from the average or accepted norm. [2 definitions]
deviate to turn away from a direct or prescribed course. [6 definitions]
deviation difference or divergence, as from a typical pattern, accepted social norms, political orthodoxy, or the like. [3 definitions]
device something designed or made for a specific purpose, esp. an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks mechanically or electrically. [3 definitions]
devil (often cap.) in Christian theology, the chief spirit of evil, master of Hell, and enemy of God; Satan (prec. by "the"). [8 definitions]
devilfish a manta or other very large ray. [2 definitions]