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deviant different from the average or accepted norm. [2 definitions]
deviate to turn away from a direct or prescribed course. [6 definitions]
deviation difference or divergence, as from a typical pattern, accepted social norms, political orthodoxy, or the like. [3 definitions]
device something designed or made for a specific purpose, esp. an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks mechanically or electrically. [3 definitions]
devil (often cap.) in Christian theology, the chief spirit of evil, master of Hell, and enemy of God; Satan (prec. by "the"). [8 definitions]
devilfish a manta or other very large ray. [2 definitions]
devilish of, like, or suited to a devil. [3 definitions]
devil-may-care breezily careless; happy-go-lucky.
devilment devilish behavior; mischief.
devil of a very difficult or frustrating.
devilry variant of deviltry.
devil's advocate someone who may not believe in but defends an opposing, weak, or unpopular cause to stimulate argument. [2 definitions]
devil's darning needle a dragonfly.
devil's food cake a rich, moist chocolate cake, often covered with rich icing.
devil's paintbrush a common perennial weed found in Europe and North America that bears a cluster of orange-red flowers atop a leafless stalk.
deviltry mischief done without regard for the consequences. [3 definitions]
devious not the straightest, most direct way; winding; roundabout. [2 definitions]
devise to invent or make (a plan, device, or solution of a problem), esp. by a fresh application of known information; arrange; contrive. [3 definitions]
devitalize to take away the strength, health, or liveliness of; weaken.
devitrify to remove or destroy, wholly or in part, the glassy character or qualities of. [2 definitions]
devoid not having something; totally lacking (usu. fol. by "of").