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deviltry mischief done without regard for the consequences. [3 definitions]
devious not the straightest, most direct way; winding; roundabout. [2 definitions]
devise to invent or make (a plan, device, or solution of a problem), esp. by a fresh application of known information; arrange; contrive. [3 definitions]
devitalize to take away the strength, health, or liveliness of; weaken.
devitrify to remove or destroy, wholly or in part, the glassy character or qualities of. [2 definitions]
devoid not having something; totally lacking (usu. fol. by "of").
devoir responsibility; obligation; duty. [2 definitions]
devolution the act or result of devolving; transfer, delegation, or passing down, as of rights or duties. [4 definitions]
devolve to pass on (a duty or the like) to one who follows. [2 definitions]
Devonian of, relating to, or designating the geological period between the Silurian and the Carboniferous of the Paleozoic Era, from approximately 400 million to 350 million years ago, when large trees and amphibians appeared and fish were in great abundance. [2 definitions]
devote to give (one's time or attention) to a purpose. [3 definitions]
devoted showing or feeling great attachment; ardent. [2 definitions]
devotee an eager or serious follower or enthusiast.
devotion great attachment; strong affection. [3 definitions]
devotional used in worship or devotions. [3 definitions]
devour to eat or swallow greedily. [4 definitions]
devout earnestly devoted to religion; pious. [3 definitions]
dew water droplets that collect, usu. at night, on cool surfaces. [3 definitions]
Dewar flask a thermos container with a vacuum between, and a reflective surface on the interior of, its double walls, used esp. to store liquefied gases at constant temperatures.
dewberry a trailing plant of the blackberry family. [2 definitions]
dewclaw a small nonfunctioning claw, hoof, or digit in the upper foot of some mammals.