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dike an embankment built to prevent flooding; levee. [6 definitions]
diktat a burdensome, punishing settlement imposed on a defeated party by the victors. [2 definitions]
dilapidate to become ruined or decayed, as from neglect. [2 definitions]
dilapidated fallen into disrepair or decay, esp. from neglect or overuse.
dilatation in medicine, the state or condition of abnormal enlargement of an organ, cavity, or canal of the body.
dilate to make wider or larger; enlarge; expand. [3 definitions]
dilation the process of enlarging an organ such as the cervix or the pupil of the eye. [2 definitions]
dilator a muscle that dilates a body part, such as the pupil of the eye. [2 definitions]
dilatory tending to delay; slow. [2 definitions]
dildo an object made of rubber, plastic, or the like to simulate an erect penis.
dilemma a problem situation that requires a choice between equally undesirable solutions or that resists satisfactory solution. [2 definitions]
dilettante one who pursues an activity or interest in a superficial or frivolous way; dabbler. [2 definitions]
diligence careful and sustained effort.
diligent continually attending to and striving to achieve a goal; assiduous; persevering. [2 definitions]
dill an aromatic herb of the celery family, or its fine leaves or seeds used as flavoring or medicine. [2 definitions]
dill pickle a pickled cucumber flavored with dill.
dilly (informal) something exceptional of its kind.
dilly-dally to waste time by hesitating or loitering; dawdle.
diluent causing dilution; diluting. [2 definitions]
dilute to make (a solution) thinner or less concentrated by adding more solvent. [4 definitions]
dilution the act of diluting or state of being diluted. [2 definitions]