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direct object in grammar, the element of a sentence that represents the object, goal, or receiver of the action of a verb, such as "the ball" in "She kicked the ball." (Cf. indirect object, subject.)
director one person, or one of a committee of persons, who guides the affairs of a corporation, association, agency, or other organization. [3 definitions]
directorate the office or position of a director. [2 definitions]
directory an index of names, locations, and often other data, such as a listing of telephone subscribers' names, addresses, and telephone numbers, or a listing of building occupants and their room numbers. [4 definitions]
direct primary election a preliminary election in which candidates for public office are nominated by direct vote of the people. (Cf. closed primary election.)
direct tax a tax collected by the government directly from the person who must pay it, such as income tax or property tax.
direful awful; terrible. [2 definitions]
dirge a song or hymn for a funeral or memorial for the dead. [2 definitions]
dirham the chief monetary unit of Morocco, equaling one hundred centimes. [3 definitions]
dirigible an airship that can be steered or guided, such as a blimp. [2 definitions]
dirk a dagger with a long straight blade. [2 definitions]
dirndl a full, gathered skirt, or a dress with such a skirt, usu. in bright colors.
dirt loose earth or soil. [5 definitions]
dirt bike a motorbike equipped to travel off paved roads.
dirt-cheap (informal) extremely inexpensive. [2 definitions]
dirt farmer (informal) a farmer who works his own land without hired help or tenants.
dirty unclean; soiled. [10 definitions]
dirty linen private matters that one would be embarrassed or ashamed to have made public.
dirty tricks (informal) unethical or illegal acts, esp. against a political opponent, designed to disrupt or undermine the opponent's activities, as during a campaign. [2 definitions]
dirty word a word considered obscene, rude, or offensive in a particular language, culture, or situation; obscenity.
dis (slang) to show disrespect for.