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disagree to differ or to have a differing opinion. [3 definitions]
disagreeable causing dislike or offense; unpleasant. [2 definitions]
disagreement a difference of opinion; conflict. [3 definitions]
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject. [2 definitions]
disappear to become no longer visible. [3 definitions]
disappearance the act of disappearing or condition of having vanished.
disappoint to fail to fulfill the expectations, wishes, or hopes of. [2 definitions]
disappointed unhappy because of unfulfilled expectations.
disappointing failing to measure up to one's expectations, standards, or wishes.
disappointment the act of disappointing. [3 definitions]
disapprobation disapproval.
disapproval the act of censuring or condemning, or the opinion that something should be condemned. [2 definitions]
disapprove to hold an unfavorable opinion (often fol. by "of"). [3 definitions]
disarm to take away the weapons of; divest of the means of attack or defense. [4 definitions]
disarmament the act or process of disarming, esp. the reduction of a country's military force or arsenal.
disarming easing hostility or mistrust; charmingly agreeable.
disarrange to disturb the arrangement or order of.
disarray to upset or throw into disorder or confusion. [4 definitions]
disassemble to take apart. [2 definitions]
disassociate to put to an end an association with (persons, causes, or the like); dissociate.
disaster a sudden calamity, esp. one causing widespread damage or suffering such as an earthquake, flood, oil spill, or fire. [2 definitions]