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discobolus one who throws a discus.
discography the classification or study of phonograph records. [2 definitions]
discoid of the shape of a disk. [3 definitions]
discolor to remove, change, or spoil the color of; cause to fade; stain. [2 definitions]
discoloration a discolored mark or area. [2 definitions]
discombobulate (informal) to confuse or disconcert.
discomfit to upset or confuse. [2 definitions]
discomfiture confusion or discomfort. [2 definitions]
discomfort uneasiness, pain, or distress of mind or body. [3 definitions]
discomfortable combined form of discomfort.
discommode to inconvenience or trouble.
discompose to upset the composure of; perturb; agitate. [2 definitions]
disconcert to upset the calm or self-assurance of; ruffle. [2 definitions]
disconcerted confused, uneasy, or disturbed.
disconcerting disturbing, confusing, or unsettling; disquieting.
disconnect to break off or interrupt the connection of or between. [3 definitions]
disconnected not connected; separated. [2 definitions]
disconsolate hopelessly unhappy; dejected. [2 definitions]
discontent not content or satisfied; discontented. [4 definitions]
discontented dissatisfied or restlessly unhappy; not contented.
discontinuance the act of stopping or condition of being stopped; interruption. [2 definitions]