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disequilibrium a lack or loss of stability, balance, or equilibrium, esp. in the economy.
disestablish to end or change the established status of. [2 definitions]
disesteem to disfavor, disrespect, or have low regard for. [2 definitions]
disfavor unfavorable regard or opinion; displeasure or disapproval. [4 definitions]
disfigure to mar the appearance or shape of.
disfigurement the act of disfiguring. [2 definitions]
disfranchise to deprive (someone) of a right of citizenship, esp. the right to vote; disenfranchise. [2 definitions]
disgorge to bring up from, or as though from, the mouth or throat; vomit; expel. [3 definitions]
disgrace the state of being in disrespect, dishonor, or disfavor; shame. [3 definitions]
disgraceful bringing about disgrace, or having a shameful nature.
disgruntle to make irritably dissatisfied or discontent.
disgruntled angrily or grumpily unhappy; highly displeased or dissatisfied.
disguise to change or hide the features of, in order to prevent recognition. [5 definitions]
disgust to cause nausea or revulsion in; sicken; repel. [3 definitions]
disgusted feeling or showing disgust; having or showing a strong feeling of loathing or disapproval.
disgusting causing disgust; repulsive; sickening.
dish a container for serving or holding food, usu. open and somewhat flat. [7 definitions]
dishabille a state of partial or complete undress. [2 definitions]
dish antenna a radio antenna with a round, concave reflector, used to receive or send satellite and microwave signals.
disharmony lack of harmony; discord.
dishcloth a cloth for washing dishes; dishrag.