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dishrag a dishcloth.
dishtowel a towel used to dry dishes.
dish up to put (food) into a dish in order to serve. [2 definitions]
dishwasher one who washes dishes, esp. as an occupation. [2 definitions]
disillusion to free or deprive of false beliefs or hopes; destroy the illusions of (someone). [2 definitions]
disillusioned having lost or been stripped of one's hopes or illusions, often resulting in disappointment or sadness.
disincentive something that reduces the motivation or inclination to work or act, esp. an economic deterrent.
disinclination a feeling of distaste; unwillingness or reluctance.
disincline to be or cause to be unwilling or not inclined.
disinfect to cleanse in order to prevent or remove the causes of infection.
disinfectant any chemical substance that destroys infection-causing organisms. [2 definitions]
disinflation a decline of prices in general from an inflated to a more normal level. [2 definitions]
disingenuous not candid or sincere.
disinherit to exclude from or deprive of an inheritance. [2 definitions]
disinjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
disintegrate to come apart; break down into component parts or fragments. [3 definitions]
disinter to dig up or remove from a place of burial; exhume. [2 definitions]
disinterest lack of bias or self-interest; impartiality. [2 definitions]
disinterested not biased or influenced by self-interest; impartial. [2 definitions]
disjoin to separate or disconnect, or become separated or disconnected.
disjoint to separate (something) at the joints. [5 definitions]