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disinjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
disintegrate to come apart; break down into component parts or fragments. [3 definitions]
disinter to dig up or remove from a place of burial; exhume. [2 definitions]
disinterest lack of bias or self-interest; impartiality. [2 definitions]
disinterested not biased or influenced by self-interest; impartial. [2 definitions]
disjoin to separate or disconnect, or become separated or disconnected.
disjoint to separate (something) at the joints. [5 definitions]
disjointed not connected or coherent. [2 definitions]
disjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
disjunctive of, causing, or showing disjunction; separating; disjoining; dividing. [5 definitions]
disk drive a device inside or connected to a computer that copies data to and from a hard disc or floppy disc.
diskette see "floppy disk."
disk flower any of the small tubular tightly packed flowers making up the center of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the aster or daisy.
disk harrow a farming implement having sharp circular blades set at various angles to breakup plowed soil before planting.
disk jockey see "disc jockey."
disk wheel a wheel with a solid disk instead of spokes between hub and rim, used esp. on automobiles.
dislike to regard with distaste, hostility, or antipathy. [2 definitions]
dislikeable combined form of dislike.
dislocate to put out of place, esp. in relation to other parts. [3 definitions]
dislocation the act of dislocating, or the state of being dislocated. [2 definitions]
dislodge to remove from or force out of a position or location. [2 definitions]