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dispirited having low spirits; discouraged; depressed.
displace to force out of a homeland or established place. [4 definitions]
displaceable combined form of displace.
displaced person a person who has become homeless, usu. as a result of having been forced from his or her homeland by war.
displacement the act of displacing, or the condition or extent of being displaced. [4 definitions]
display to cause to be seen; show; exhibit. [8 definitions]
displayable combined form of display.
display name in computing, a name visible on a computer screen which indicates the user's identity. The display name is not necessarily the same as the user's "username," which is used in logging in.
displease to annoy, dissatisfy, or disappoint. [2 definitions]
displeased annoyed, unhappy, or dissatisfied.
displeasing causing dissatisfaction, disappointment, annoyance, or other negative reaction.
displeasure the condition or fact of being annoyed, dissatisfied, or disappointed.
disport to amuse (oneself). [4 definitions]
disposable designed for or capable of being disposed of after use. [3 definitions]
disposable income the income that one has for spending, saving, or the like after taxes are deducted.
disposal a giving away or a getting rid of something. [4 definitions]
dispose to make willing or make open to; incline. [4 definitions]
dispose of to give away or get rid of. [2 definitions]
disposer someone or something that disposes.
disposition a predominant or prevailing mood or temperament, as of a person or the weather. [6 definitions]
dispossess to put out of possession or occupancy, esp. of real property.