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disposable designed for or capable of being disposed of after use. [3 definitions]
disposable income the income that one has for spending, saving, or the like after taxes are deducted.
disposal a giving away or a getting rid of something. [4 definitions]
dispose to make willing or make open to; incline. [4 definitions]
dispose of to give away or get rid of. [2 definitions]
disposer someone or something that disposes.
disposition a predominant or prevailing mood or temperament, as of a person or the weather. [6 definitions]
dispossess to put out of possession or occupancy, esp. of real property.
dispraise to speak ill of; disparage; censure. [2 definitions]
disproof the act of disproving. [2 definitions]
disproportion a lack of proper proportion or relationship in size, quantity, strength, or the like; disparity. [3 definitions]
disproportionate out of proportion, as in quantity or appearance; unbalanced.
disprove to prove to be untrue, erroneous, or invalid.
disputable able to be disputed or argued; questionable.
disputant one who disputes or contests; arguer; debater. [2 definitions]
disputation the act of disputing; discussion or debate. [2 definitions]
disputatious inclined to quarrel or provoke dispute; argumentative.
dispute to argue or debate about (a question, proposal, or the like). [7 definitions]
disqualification the act or an instance of disqualifying or being disqualified. [2 definitions]
disqualify to make unfit or unqualified. [2 definitions]
disquiet lack of mental calm or peace; anxiety; uneasiness. [2 definitions]