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dissolute inclined to, or exhibiting, immoral behavior or dissipation; lacking or ignoring moral restraints.
dissolution the act, process, or result of decomposition, disintegration, or dispersion into parts or elements. [5 definitions]
dissolve to cause to go into solution. [11 definitions]
dissonance lack of harmony; discord, esp. of musical sounds. [2 definitions]
dissonant not in harmony; discordant. [2 definitions]
dissuade to persuade against doing something (often fol. by "from").
dissyllable variant of disyllable.
dist. abbreviation of "district."
distaff a staff with one cleft end to hold the material from which thread is drawn in spinning by hand or on a spinning wheel. [3 definitions]
distal located at a distance from the point of origin or attachment, as of a limb or bone. (Cf. proximal.)
distance the measure of separation between things, places, or points in time. [7 definitions]
distance learning a form of education where the students are not in the same place as the teacher. Distance learning often happens by means of computers.
distant far away in time or space. [3 definitions]
distaste dislike or repugnance.
distasteful unpleasant or offensive.
distemper any of various infectious viral diseases affecting mammals, characterized by fever and by diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite in dogs and cats, and respiratory difficulties in horses. [2 definitions]
distend to swell or cause to swell from, or as if from, internal pressure; balloon.
distention the act of stretching or swelling, or the condition of being so enlarged.
distich two successive lines of verse, usu. forming a self-contained statement; couplet.
distill to subject (a substance) to heat to the point of vaporization, and then to cooling to produce condensation. [5 definitions]
distillate the liquid produced by vaporization followed by condensation. [2 definitions]