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distinctive serving to set apart or mark as distinct or unusual.
distinctly in a clear or distinct way. [2 definitions]
distingué having an impressive or distinguished manner or appearance.
distinguish to correctly discern the identity of (each of two or more things) by recognizing how they are different (often fol. by "from"). [5 definitions]
distinguishable combined form of distinguish.
distinguished marked by excellence or renown; eminent. [2 definitions]
distome any of various parasitic flatworms that have two suckers, one at the front and the other at the rear of the underside.
distort to twist out of shape; deform the appearance or functioning of. [2 definitions]
distorted twisted or changed from a thing's normal shape, character, or way or behaving. [2 definitions]
distortion the act of distorting or condition of being distorted. [2 definitions]
distract to divert the attention of. [2 definitions]
distractable combined form of distract.
distracted unable to concentrate with full attention, or characterized by such inability. [2 definitions]
distraction the act of distracting or the state of being distracted. [3 definitions]
distrain to seize and hold (property), or the property of (someone), to force payment or settlement, as of a debt, claim, rent, or the like.
distrainable combined form of distrain.
distraint in law, the act of seizing and holding goods as security against a debt, as for rent, damages, or the like.
distrait not paying attention because of worrying distractions.
distraught anxiously worried; distracted. [2 definitions]
distress physical or emotional stress or suffering, or anything that causes suffering. [4 definitions]
distressed suffering from distress. [3 definitions]