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distrustful lacking in trust or confidence; doubting; suspicious.
disturb to bother or interrupt by making noise or causing distraction. [3 definitions]
disturbance an act or instance of disturbing. [5 definitions]
disturbed mentally or emotionally unbalanced. [2 definitions]
disturbing causing one to be disturbed; upsetting; unsettling.
disulfate a salt of pyrosulfuric acid, containing two sulfate groups in each molecule; pyrosulfate.
disulfide a chemical compound in which two atoms of sulfur are combined with another element or radical.
disunion the termination of union or association; separation or division. [2 definitions]
disunite to break up the union of; divide. [2 definitions]
disunity lack of unity or agreement; dissension.
disuse the state or condition of not being used or practiced any longer.
disused no longer being used.
disyllable a word of two syllables.
ditch a long narrow trench that provides a waterway for drainage or irrigation or a receptacle for something to be buried in, such as sewer pipes or electric power lines. [7 definitions]
dither a state of excitement, nervousness, or indecision. [2 definitions]
dithyramb in ancient Greece, a wild or impassioned choric hymn in honor of Dionysius. [2 definitions]
ditsy (slang) silly; scatterbrained; inane.
dittany a fuzzy herb related to mint that is native to Crete. [3 definitions]
ditto the same as said or written before; the aforesaid. [5 definitions]
ditto mark a sign (") indicating repetition, usu. placed under the word, numeral, or passage to be repeated.
ditty a short simple song.