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dive bomber a fighter-bomber designed to drop its bombs while diving toward the target.
diver one who performs dives into water from a springboard or platform, esp. in competition. [3 definitions]
diverge to extend or move away in different directions from a common point. [4 definitions]
divergence a difference that separates. [2 definitions]
divergent deviating, differing, or diverging. [2 definitions]
divers various; several. [2 definitions]
diverse of various types or sorts; assorted. [3 definitions]
diversification the act or process of diversifying.
diversify to give or introduce variety to or into. [2 definitions]
diversion an act or instance of turning aside or deflecting. [3 definitions]
diversity the state or condition of being being varied or consisting of various kinds. [3 definitions]
divert to turn aside or away from something; deflect. [4 definitions]
diverticulitis painful inflammation of a sac that branches off from a hollow organ, esp. the intestine.
diverticulosis a disorder characterized by the presence of many saclike growths protruding outward from the intestinal wall.
diverticulum a tubular pouch or sac that branches out from a body canal, organ, or cavity, occurring as a normal or abnormal growth.
divertimento a light instrumental chamber composition with several short movements, usu. written in the eighteenth century.
diverting causing amusement or casual interest; entertaining.
divertissement an amusement or entertainment; diversion. [2 definitions]
divest to take rights or property away from; dispossess, esp. by legal means. [4 definitions]
divide to separate into parts or factions. [8 definitions]
divided separated into sections or pieces. [3 definitions]