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dogged persistent or stubborn.
doggerel of verse, trivial or mundane in thought, or crude in form. [2 definitions]
doggie bag a bag or box in which a restaurant will pack leftovers of a patron's meal to betaken home, presumably to be fed to a pet.
doggish like a dog, as in being surly or snappish.
doggone (informal) Damn! or Darn! (used to avoid profanity). [4 definitions]
doggy1 a small dog or puppy.
doggy2 of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a dog. [2 definitions]
doghouse a dog shelter, usu. built to resemble a house.
dogie in the western United States, a strayed or motherless calf.
dogleg something bent at a sharp angle, esp. a road or a golf fairway with a sharp curve. [2 definitions]
dogma a system of principles or doctrines, esp. those of a religious sect, or a single doctrine prescribed by some authority, such as the church. [2 definitions]
dogmatic of, pertaining to, or characteristic of dogma. [2 definitions]
dogmatism an inclination toward or the act of asserting opinions as though they were facts.
dogmatist one who asserts opinions or beliefs as though they were facts.
dogmatize to make dogmatic statements in speech or writing. [2 definitions]
dognap to abduct a dog, esp. in order to sell it for laboratory use.
do good to do things that help or positively affect others.
do-gooder (informal) a social or political reformer who is considered to be naive or impractical.
dog rose a prickly European wild rose that bears pink flowers.
dogsled a sled pulled by a dog, or usu. a team of dogs, used esp. in arctic regions.
Dog Star Sirius.