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dogmatist one who asserts opinions or beliefs as though they were facts.
dogmatize to make dogmatic statements in speech or writing. [2 definitions]
dognap to abduct a dog, esp. in order to sell it for laboratory use.
do good to do things that help or positively affect others.
do-gooder (informal) a social or political reformer who is considered to be naive or impractical.
dog rose a prickly European wild rose that bears pink flowers.
dogsled a sled pulled by a dog, or usu. a team of dogs, used esp. in arctic regions.
Dog Star Sirius.
dog tag a usu. metal identification tag to be attached to a dog's collar. [2 definitions]
dogtooth a canine tooth, in an animal or human.
dogtooth violet any of several related plants of the lily family, esp. one growing in North America that has yellow flowers and leaves with red mottling.
dogtrot a slow, steady trot like that of a dog.
dogwatch either of two two-hour watches aboard ship that occur between four and eight P.M.
dogwood a tree of the eastern United States that bears clusters of small flowers surrounded by pink or white leaves that look like petals. [2 definitions]
Doha the seaport capital of Qatar.
doily a small decorative mat, often of embroidery or lace, used as a protective cover on furniture or dishes.
doing action; effort. [2 definitions]
doit a former copper coin of the Netherlands and Dutch colonies that came into use in the seventeenth century. [2 definitions]
do-it-yourself of, pertaining to, or designed for use by amateurs, esp. in construction or repair work.
dolce in a soft and sweet manner (used as a musical direction).
doldrums a period or mood of inactivity, listlessness, or mild depression. [2 definitions]