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Douglas fir a tall evergreen timber tree of western North America that has hard durable wood and short needles, and bears narrow cones.
Doulichion in Greek mythology, an island nearby Ithaca, Odysseus's home. [2 definitions]
dour sullen, ill-humored, or unfriendly. [3 definitions]
douse1 to place or plunge in water or another liquid; immerse. [4 definitions]
douse2 variant of dowse.
dove1 any of various small pigeons or pigeonlike birds. [4 definitions]
dove2 a past tense of dive.
dovecote a boxlike structure with compartments, usu. mounted above the ground, for housing domesticated pigeons.
Dover the capital of Delaware.
dovetail something resembling a dove's tail in shape, esp. a wedge-shaped part, or tenon, that protrudes from one piece of wood and fits snugly into a wedge-shaped opening, or mortise, in another piece of wood, forming a joint. [5 definitions]
dowager the widow of a duke, king, or the like who retains a title or holdings from her dead husband. [2 definitions]
dowdy1 not at all stylish; shabby or dull. [3 definitions]
dowdy2 see "pandowdy."
dowel a peg or pin that is placed into corresponding holes in two pieces of wood in order to fasten them together. [3 definitions]
dower the part of a deceased man's property that the law allots to his widow. [4 definitions]
do without to go on with one's life or with one's activity without having something or someone that is important or desired, or to live without things in general.
Dow Jones industrial average trademark for the index of prices of thirty industrial stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange and averaged daily.
down1 from above to a lower position; toward, in, or into a lower position. [21 definitions]
down2 the fine, soft, fuzzy feathers that cover a young bird or that are found on the underside of adult birds.
down and out without money, friends, or hope.
down-and-out without money, friends, or hope.