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downhill down a hill. [5 definitions]
down-home of, resembling, or characteristic of the qualities associated with rural folk or family, such as hospitality, simplicity, and warmth.
Downing Street the elected government of Great Britain, so termed because 10 Downing Street is the residence of the prime minister.
down in the mouth depressed; sad.
downlink a channel for receiving transmissions from a spacecraft, or a transmission made on such a channel.
download to transfer (data, files, or programs) from a network or remote computer to one's own computer. [2 definitions]
down payment money to pay for part of the price of something that is very expensive.
downplay to dismiss the significance of; minimize.
downpour a very heavy rain.
downrange in the direction of the point taken as target, away from the launch site, on a missile test range.
downright absolute. [3 definitions]
downshift to shift a motor vehicle's transmission into a lower gear.
downside the lower or under side of something. [2 definitions]
downsize to design and manufacture a smaller version of (a popular product, esp. a car). [3 definitions]
downspout a vertical drainpipe that carries rainwater or melted snow from a roof or gutter to the ground.
Down's syndrome a congenital condition caused by an abnormal number of chromosomes which results in mental retardation and produces distinctive physical characteristics such as a broad face, flattened head, and slanted eyes.
downstage at or toward the front portion of a stage. [3 definitions]
downstairs at, to, or on a lower floor. [3 definitions]
downstate the southern part of any U.S. state. (Cf. upstate.) [2 definitions]
downstream in the direction that a stream or current is flowing. [3 definitions]
downswing a swing in a downward direction, as of a golf club. [2 definitions]