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drain to remove water or other liquid from, esp. by means of flow through a pipe. [12 definitions]
drainage the act or method of draining. [3 definitions]
drainage basin the natural drainage area of a river system.
drainboard a sloping surface placed next to or in a kitchen sink on which dishes are left to dry.
drainpipe a pipe used for draining liquids, esp. sewage or rainwater.
drake a male duck.
dram a unit of apothecaries' weight equal to sixty grains or one eighth of an ounce. [4 definitions]
drama a theatrical work, esp. one that is serious rather than primarily comedic in nature; play. [5 definitions]
Dramamine trademark for a drug, dimenhydrinate, used to control nausea caused by the motion of a car, airplane, ship, or the like.
dramatic of, pertaining to, or possessing drama. [3 definitions]
dramatically in a dramatic manner; with real or feigned emotion. [3 definitions]
dramatics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) dramatic arts such as acting, directing, and stagecraft. [3 definitions]
dramatis personae the characters in a play or other fictional work. [2 definitions]
dramatist one who writes dramas; playwright.
dramatization the act or process of shaping into the form of a drama. [2 definitions]
dramatize to depict in the form of a drama. [2 definitions]
dramaturgy the art and techniques of writing, staging, or producing plays.
drank past tense of drink.
drape to arrange (clothing, curtains, or other fabric) in attractive folds. [6 definitions]
drapeable combined form of drape.
drapery loosely hanging clothing or other cloth. [3 definitions]