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dressage the practice or methodology of training horses, esp. to obey and execute certain complicated movements.
dress circle the first tier of seats above the ground floor in an opera house, theater, or the like.
dress code a set of rules defining acceptable clothing and appearance for a particular place, occasion, or group.
dressed up wearing fancy or formal clothes, or wearing better or more stylish clothes than one usually wears.
dresser1 one who dresses someone or something. [2 definitions]
dresser2 a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves for storing clothing or other items.
dressing the act of one who dresses. [4 definitions]
dressing-down a severe scolding.
dressing gown a robe worn while relaxing or before becoming fully dressed.
dressing room a room for one or more persons in which to dress, put on makeup, and the like, esp. in a theater or a film or television studio.
dressing table a stand or table, usu. with a mirror on or hung above it, at which one sits chiefly to apply makeup.
dressmaker someone who makes dresses and the like for a living. [2 definitions]
dress parade a formal parade of military troops in dress uniform.
dress rehearsal a full and uninterrupted rehearsal of a production that includes costumes, scenery, orchestra, and the like, usu. the last rehearsal before performance.
dress suit a man's formal evening attire.
dress uniform a military uniform worn only on formal occasions.
dress up to dress in formal or fancy clothes.
dressy (informal) formal or fancy in dress; stylish.
drew past tense of draw.
dribble to drip or flow slowly in drops. [8 definitions]
driblet a drop of liquid in a dribble. [2 definitions]