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driver one who drives. [2 definitions]
driverless combined form of driver.
drive shaft a rotating shaft that transmits torque, as in some automobiles from the transmission to the rear axle.
drivethrough a means by which customers can do business with an establishment at its premises without exiting their vehicles. This mechanism generally consists of a window to the establishment where business is conducted and a specially designated lane by which cars or other vehicles can access the window and exit once business is finished. [3 definitions]
drivetrain the assembly that transmits an engine's rotary motion to the actual means of propulsion such as a propeller or wheel.
driveway a private road that provides access from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
driving aggressively forward-moving; highly active; exciting. [2 definitions]
driving wheel a wheel that transmits power from an engine, either to other wheels, or into propulsive effort, as on a locomotive engine.
drizzle to rain lightly but continuously. [2 definitions]
drogue an anchor, esp. a canvas sack used for slowing a boat and keeping her prow into the wind. [2 definitions]
droit a legal claim or right. [2 definitions]
droll wryly amusing or humorous.
drollery something funny. [3 definitions]
-drome racecourse. [3 definitions]
dromedary an African or Asian camel with one hump. (Cf. Bactrian camel.)
drone1 a male honeybee or other male bee, whose only function is to impregnate the queen. [3 definitions]
drone2 to produce a low, continuous hum. [5 definitions]
drongo any of a family (Dicruridae) of insectivorous passerine birds with black plumage and a forked tail.
drool to exude saliva from the mouth; drivel. [3 definitions]
droop to hang or sink down; bend limply. [4 definitions]
droopy drooping or inclined to droop. [2 definitions]