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drum up to make a concerted effort to get or stimulate (support, customers, an emotion, or the like).
drunk feeling the debilitating and inhibition-reducing effects of alcohol; intoxicated. [6 definitions]
drunkard one who is frequently drunk.
drunken drunk. [3 definitions]
drupe any of numerous fleshy fruits, such as the apricot, cherry, peach, or almond, usu. having one hard stone.
drupelet a small drupe, as any of the many that compose a raspberry or blackberry.
druthers (informal) preference or choice.
dry free from wetness, dampness, or moisture. [14 definitions]
dryable combined form of dry.
dryad (often cap.) in Greek and Roman mythology, a spirit or deity that presides over the woods; wood nymph.
dry battery a dry cell, or a battery made up of several connected dry cells.
dry cell an electric cell in which the electrolyte is in a paste, treated with an absorbent, or otherwise protected against spilling.
dry-clean to clean (garments, drapes, or the like) using chemicals other than water.
dry-cleanable combined form of dry-clean.
dry-cleaning a method of cleaning clothes that uses liquid chemicals instead of water.
dry dock a basin-shaped dock that holds a ship and that can be drained or lifted to expose the ship's hull for cleaning or repairs.
dry-dock to put or go into dry dock, as a ship.
dryer a machine used for removing the moisture from something.
dry-eyed not crying; emotionally unmoved.
dry farming a kind of farming practiced in arid regions without irrigation by growing drought-resistant crops or covering them with mulch or other substances to prevent the soil's moisture from evaporating.
dry gangrene gangrene that results from an arterial obstruction, characterized by mummification of the affected tissue but no infection.