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dumpy2 short and thick; bulky; squat.
dun1 to repeatedly demand payment from. [3 definitions]
dun2 a dull grayish brown color. [3 definitions]
dunce an unintelligent, foolish, or ignorant person.
dunce cap a cone-shaped cap worn in former times by school children as punishment for slowness or laziness.
dunderhead a stupid, idiotic person; dunce; numbskull.
dune a mound or hill of sand built up by the action of wind.
dune buggy a lightweight car, usu. without doors or windows, that has a rear-engine chassis and oversized tires that make driving over sand dunes easier.
dung solid excrement; feces, esp. nonhuman. [2 definitions]
dungaree a heavy, coarse cotton fabric, usu. blue; denim. [3 definitions]
dung beetle any of various beetles that feed on and breed in dung; scarab.
dungeon a jail or jail cell, esp. a dark, damp one underground.
dunghill a large pile of dung. [2 definitions]
dunk to immerse in a liquid. [4 definitions]
dunk shot in basketball, a shot made by jumping up and thrusting the ball through the hoop from above.
dunlin a small brown and white sandpiper that breeds in northern areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
dunnage loose packing material used for protection or ventilation around cargo on a ship or train. [2 definitions]
duo a musical composition for two performers, or the two performers themselves. [3 definitions]
duo- two.
duodecimal of, concerning, or based on twelve or twelfths (used esp. to describe a number system with twelve instead of ten digits). [3 definitions]
duodecimo the page size of a book that is five by seven and a half inches or one twelfth of a printer's sheet. [3 definitions]