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Edwardian characteristic of or relating to the reign of Edward VII of Great Britain, esp. in displaying opulence, self-indulgence, or elegance.
Edward VII the king of Great Britain in 1901-10 (b.1841--d.1910).
-ee one that benefits from or undergoes (such) a thing or action. [3 definitions]
E.E.C. abbreviation of "European Economic Community," an economic association of major western European countries mainly designed to eliminate tariffs on trade among member nations and establish uniform tariffs on goods from other countries; Common Market.
EEG abbreviation of "electroencephalogram," the graphic pattern recorded by an electroencephalograph of electric activity in the brain.
eel any of numerous long, snakelike fishes of fresh water or ocean.
eelgrass a grasslike plant that grows under water, esp. along the Atlantic coast of North America.
eelpout any of various bony fishes that resemble eels, having a long thin body and a large head. [2 definitions]
eelworm any of numerous, often parasitic worms that have a long, round, unsegmented body.
e'en contracted form of "even" (used chiefly in literature). [2 definitions]
-eer one who engages in, makes, or is concerned with, esp. as an occupation. [2 definitions]
e'er contracted form of "ever" (used chiefly in literature).
eerie mysterious and frightening; weird.
ef- out.
efface to cause to disappear; destroy. [3 definitions]
effaceable combined form of efface.
effect something produced or brought on by something else. [8 definitions]
effective producing an adequate or desired result, or having the power to produce such a result. [2 definitions]
effectively in a way that produces a successful result.
effectiveness the quality or condition of working as intended or of having the desired result.
effector a cell or an organ such as a muscle or gland that responds to a nerve impulse.