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dysthymia an older name for persistent depressive disorder.
dystopia an imagined state or society in which injustice, oppression, and often terror are the norm and in which, typically, a totalitarian form of government has control over all aspects of life. (Cf. utopia.) [2 definitions]
dystrophy insufficient or improper nutrition. [2 definitions]
E abbreviation of "east."
e the fifth letter of the English alphabet. [2 definitions]
e. abbreviation of "energy."
e- from; out of.
ea. abbreviation of "each."
each every one of two or more. [3 definitions]
each other each the other (used to show reciprocity).
eager having or showing an impatient desire; anticipating enthusiastically.
eagerly with happy or impatient excitement or enthusiasm.
eagle any of various birds of prey that are similar to but usu. larger than hawks. [3 definitions]
eagle-eyed having extremely good vision; keen-sighted.
eagle ray any of a family of marine rays with a sharp, eaglelike head, able to glide very swiftly through the water.
Eagle Scout the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. [2 definitions]
eaglet a young eagle.
-ean a variant of -an.
ear1 the organ of hearing in man and vertebrate animals. [4 definitions]
ear2 the seed-bearing part of a plant such as corn. [2 definitions]
earache a persisting pain in the middle or inner ear.