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earth-friendly of or pertaining to a product or process that causes minimal harm to the environment.
earthiness the quality of being realistic, practical, and unpretentious. [3 definitions]
earthling a human being, considered as a resident of the earth.
earthly pertaining to the earth as opposed to spiritual or heavenly realms; worldly. [2 definitions]
earthman a male human being, or person native to earth, esp. in science fiction.
earth mother (sometimes caps.) the planet earth conceived of as the source of all life. [2 definitions]
earthnut any of various plants, such as the peanut or truffle, that bear edible underground tubers, enlarged roots, or the like. [2 definitions]
earthquake a shaking or other movement of part of the earth's surface, resulting from volcanic activity or the sudden release of tension along geologic fault lines.
earth science any of the sciences, such as geology, geography, or meteorology, dealing with the origin, structure, and composition of the earth and its changes.
earthshaking challenging or upsetting basic principles, beliefs, or assumptions.
earth tone any of the muted colors found in nature, such as beige, gray, or moss green.
earthward to or toward the earth. [2 definitions]
earthwork an embankment or wall made of earth, usu. for protection against enemy gunfire. [2 definitions]
earthworm any of various long segmented worms that burrow in soil and feed on decaying organic matter.
earthy realistic, practical, and unpretentious. [3 definitions]
ear trumpet a horn-shaped tube formerly used as a hearing aid by those with impaired hearing.
earwax the waxy brownish yellow substance produced in the passage of the outer ear; cerumen.
earwig a nocturnal insect having a pincerslike structure at the rear of the abdomen. [2 definitions]
ease the absence of pain, anxiety, or difficulty. [11 definitions]
easel a free-standing frame for holding an artist's canvas, blackboard, or the like.
easement the act or condition of easing or being eased. [3 definitions]