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earthwork an embankment or wall made of earth, usu. for protection against enemy gunfire. [2 definitions]
earthworm any of various long segmented worms that burrow in soil and feed on decaying organic matter.
earthy realistic, practical, and unpretentious. [3 definitions]
ear trumpet a horn-shaped tube formerly used as a hearing aid by those with impaired hearing.
earwax the waxy brownish yellow substance produced in the passage of the outer ear; cerumen.
earwig a nocturnal insect having a pincerslike structure at the rear of the abdomen. [2 definitions]
ease the absence of pain, anxiety, or difficulty. [11 definitions]
easel a free-standing frame for holding an artist's canvas, blackboard, or the like.
easement the act or condition of easing or being eased. [3 definitions]
ease out to cause (someone) to resign in the most gentle or persuasive way possible and without publicizing the fact.
easily without difficulty, stress, or pain. [2 definitions]
easiness the condition of being easy.
east the direction in front of a person facing the rising sun. [7 definitions]
East Berlin formerly, the capital of East Germany.
eastbound going toward the east.
East China Sea an extension of the North Pacific between China, Korea, and Japan.
East Coast the easternmost part of the United States, consisting of the states along the Atlantic coast, often esp. the region stretching from Maine to Washington D.C.
Easter a yearly Christian festival that is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [2 definitions]
Easter bunny in folklore, a rabbit that brings Easter eggs, candy, presents, or the like for children for Easter; Easter rabbit.
Easter egg a decorated or colored egg used as a gift or ornament on Easter. [2 definitions]
Easter lily any of various white-flowered lilies that are artificially brought into bloom for Easter Sunday, used esp. to decorate the altars of Christian churches on Easter.