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e-commerce the exchange of goods and services conducted on the Internet; electronic commerce.
econometrics (used with a sing. verb) the application of mathematical and statistical methods to research in economics.
economic of or pertaining to the production and distribution of goods, wealth, and services. [3 definitions]
economical wasting little; thrifty; frugal.
economically in an economical manner. [2 definitions]
economics (used with a sing. verb) the systematic study of the production and distribution of goods and services. [2 definitions]
economist a person who has expertise in the study of economics.
economize to practice thrift; avoid wasteful expenditure; be economical. [2 definitions]
economy the careful management of wealth, resources, and means of production. [5 definitions]
ecosystem a community of living things that interact with each other for their survival, together with their surrounding environment.
ecotourism recreational travel to areas of natural or ecological interest carried out in a manner that respects the visited environment.
ecru a pale yellowish or grayish tan color.
ecstasy an emotional state of intense pleasure or joy. [2 definitions]
ecstatic in a condition of extreme delight, overpowering emotion, or religious trance; enraptured. [2 definitions]
ecto- outside; outer.
ectoderm an animal embryo's outermost layer of cells, from which the skin, nervous system, and sense organs develop.
ectomorphic of a slender, lightly muscled body structure. (Cf. endomorphic, mesomorphic.)
-ectomy removal by surgery; excision.
ectopic out of the normal place, as an organ of the body or a pregnancy.
ectopic pregnancy a pregnancy in which a fertilized ovum begins developing outside the uterus, as in a fallopian tube.
ectoplasm the outer part of the material surrounding the nucleus of a cell. (Cf. endoplasm.)