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eldest a superlative of "old."
El Dorado a legendary South American destination of early Spanish explorers seeking gold and riches. [2 definitions]
Eleanor Roosevelt civil rights activist, diplomat, and First Lady to President Franklin Roosevelt from 1933 to 1945; born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (b.1884--d.1962).
Eleatic of or pertaining to an ancient Greek school of philosophy that developed a systematic method of inquiry, esp. into the illusory character of plurality, movement, and change. [2 definitions]
elect to select through the process of voting. [8 definitions]
electable combined form of elect.
election the process of selecting a person for office by voting. [2 definitions]
electioneer to campaign on behalf of a political candidate, party, or issue.
elective pertaining to election by voting. [5 definitions]
elector one who may participate in an election; qualified voter. [2 definitions]
electoral of or concerning electors or an election. [2 definitions]
electoral college a body of people chosen to officially elect the President and Vice President of the United States, based on the popular vote in each state.
electoral process a set of steps and procedures agreed upon as the method for conducting an election, such as the processes for selecting candidates, registering voters, casting votes, and counting votes.
electoral vote the tally of the votes cast by the electors of the electoral college in a U.S. presidential election. In most states, the winner of the popular vote receives one hundred percent of that state's electoral vote; therefore, the percentage of the total electoral vote cast for each candidate may not reflect the percentage of the popular vote cast for each candidate. [2 definitions]
electorate a body of those entitled to participate in an election; qualified voters, as a group.
Electra in Greek mythology, a princess who convinced her brother to kill their mother and their mother's lover.
Electra complex in Freudian psychoanalysis, the unconscious desire of a daughter for sexual gratification from her father, or her wish to take her mother's place in her father's affections. (Cf. Oedipus complex.)
electric of or pertaining to electricity. [4 definitions]
electrical electric.
electric chair a chair through which high voltages of electricity are passed in order to execute a convicted criminal. [2 definitions]
electric eel any of various eellike fishes native to freshwater rivers of northern South America, capable of giving off strong electrical discharges.