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electromagnet a magnet in which an iron or steel core is magnetized by the electric current in the coil of insulated wire wound around it.
electromagnetic of or pertaining to an electromagnet or electromagnetism.
electromagnetics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics that concerns the relationship between magnetism and electricity; electromagnetism.
electromagnetic spectrum the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies from radio, the lowest, to gamma rays, the highest.
electromagnetic wave a wave that contains a magnetic and electric component and that is created by an accelerating electric charge, such as a radio wave, x-ray, or light.
electromagnetism magnetism produced by electric current. [2 definitions]
electromechanical of, relating to, or being a device or process in which mechanical movement is used to create an electrical signal or in which an electrical signal is used to create mechanical movement.
electrometer an instrument used to measure the difference in electrical potential between two objects.
electromotive of, pertaining to, or producing a flow of electricity.
electromotive force the force that causes electrical current to flow, usu. measured in volts.
electron a negatively charged particle, considered a fundamental unit of matter, that exists independently or outside the nucleus of an atom.
electronegative having a negative electric charge. [2 definitions]
electron gun the electron-emitting cathode in a cathode ray tube together with the electromagnetic apparatus that collects and focuses the electron stream.
electronic of or relating to devices, circuits, or systems based on electronics. [2 definitions]
electronic data processing the use of computers to process and store information.
electronic mail messages typed into a computer terminal and sent via telephone cable to another terminal.
electronic music music that is produced electronically by an instrument such as a synthesizer.
electronic organ a musical instrument that resembles a pipe organ in its keyboard and stops, but produces music electronically rather than through pipes.
electronics (used with a sing. verb) the science that is concerned with the flow of electrons in various physical media, and with their properties and uses. [2 definitions]
electron lens an electric or magnetic field, or a combination of the two, that is used to focus or deflect an electron beam.
electron microscope any of various microscopes that use electrons rather than rays of light to magnify the image of the object being viewed.