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element a part of any whole. [6 definitions]
elemental relating to first principles; ultimate; fundamental. [3 definitions]
elementary of or relating to first principles; irreducible; fundamental. [3 definitions]
elementary particle one of various subatomic particles, such as electrons, neutrinos, or quarks, from which all matter is made.
elementary school a school in which the first six to eight years of a child's education is taught.
elemi any of various fragrant oily resins obtained from certain tropical trees, used in making varnishes, inks, ointments, and perfumes.
elephant either of two large mammals, one Asian and one African, that have a long, flexible trunk used for grasping food or lifting burdens, upper incisors elongated into curving tusks, and, in the African species, esp. large fan-shaped ears.
elephantiasis a chronic tropical disease, usu. caused by nematode worms, marked by lymphatic obstruction that results in an enormous enlargement and hardening of the skin and tissue just below the skin, esp. of the legs and scrotum.
elephantine of or pertaining to an elephant or elephants. [2 definitions]
elev. abbreviation of "elevation," the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level.
elevate to raise or lift up to a higher physical position. [4 definitions]
elevated raised above a particular level. [4 definitions]
elevated railway a railway that is elevated on a framework, permitting ground traffic to circulate beneath it.
elevation the height to which something rises or is raised, or its height above sea level or ground level. [4 definitions]
elevator a machine which raises or lifts, esp. a platform or enclosure in a vertical shaft, with its equipment and parts, used to raise and lower people or goods from one level to another in a building. [3 definitions]
eleven the number represented by the Arabic numeral 11 and by the Roman numeral XI. [3 definitions]
eleventh indicating rank or position between tenth and twelfth. [3 definitions]
ELF abbreviation of "extremely low frequency."
elf an imaginary, small, and often mischievous humanlike creature that has magical powers, or a person, usu. a child, resembling this creature in size and sprightliness.
elfin of, like, or resembling an elf. [2 definitions]
elfish like, or of the nature of, an elf; mischievous; impish.