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elimination the act or process of eliminating; disposal; destruction; dismissal. [2 definitions]
elint the gathering of information by use of electronic devices located on ships, airplanes, satellites, or the like (acronym for "electronic intelligence").
elision the slurring over or omission of a letter or syllable in pronouncing a word. [2 definitions]
elite (usu. used with a pl. verb) the best, taken collectively. [4 definitions]
elitism rule, or support or advocacy of rule, by an elite. [2 definitions]
elitist believing in, supporting, or promoting the superiority of a select or privileged group.
elixir a sweetened, aromatic solution of alcohol and water used as a vehicle for medicines. [4 definitions]
Elizabethan of, relating to, or characteristic of Elizabeth I of England or the period of her reign. [2 definitions]
Elizabethan sonnet see "Shakespearean sonnet."
Elizabeth I the queen of England from 1558 to 1603 (b.1533--d.1603).
Elizabeth II the queen of the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth from 1952 to 2022 (b. 1926--d. 2022).
elk a large deer of northern Europe and Asia that has large antlers shaped like a palm with extended fingers. [3 definitions]
ell an extension or wing of a building, usu. at right angles to the main structure. [2 definitions]
Ella Fitzgerald U.S. jazz and popular ballad singer, known especially as a virtuoso of scat singing (b.1917--d.1996).
ellipse a closed geometric plane curve formed by the intersection of a plane at an oblique angle to the axis and opposite sides of a right circular cone; an oval conic section. [2 definitions]
ellipsis the omission of a word or words, as in a quoted text. [2 definitions]
ellipsoid a solid geometric figure whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles. [2 definitions]
elliptical of, pertaining to, or in the form of an ellipse. [4 definitions]
Ellis Island an island in Upper New York Bay where, from 1892 to 1943, millions of incoming immigrants to the U.S. were processed. The facility on the island is now a museum that illuminates the immigration experience.
elm any of several large deciduous shade trees having arching, spreading branches and serrated leaves. [2 definitions]
El Niņo an unusually warm Pacific Ocean current that develops near the International Date Line in the center of the ocean and flows east toward Peru and then south along the coast of South America. El Niņo events, which occur every two to seven years approximately, are associated with various negative impacts including damage to the livelihoods of those dependent on fishing and disturbance to regional and global weather patterns, which in turn can increase the incidence of disease and the frequency of destructive weather events.