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elm any of several large deciduous shade trees having arching, spreading branches and serrated leaves. [2 definitions]
El Niņo an unusually warm Pacific Ocean current that develops near the International Date Line in the center of the ocean and flows east toward Peru and then south along the coast of South America. El Niņo events, which occur every two to seven years approximately, are associated with various negative impacts including damage to the livelihoods of those dependent on fishing and disturbance to regional and global weather patterns, which in turn can increase the incidence of disease and the frequency of destructive weather events.
elocution training in, or the art of, public speaking. [2 definitions]
elongate to make longer; lengthen. [3 definitions]
elope to run away secretly with a lover, esp. to marry and usu. without the consent of parents or guardians. [2 definitions]
eloquence skill or ability to use language that impresses or persuades. [2 definitions]
eloquent fluent, apt, and persuasive, as a speaker or a speech. [2 definitions]
El Salvador a Central American country on the Pacific coast south of Guatemala.
else different; other. [4 definitions]
elsewhere in or to another place; somewhere else.
elucidate to make clear; clarify or explain. [2 definitions]
elude to avoid or evade by speed, skill, or trickery. [2 definitions]
Elul the twelfth and last month of the Jewish lunisolar calendar, occurring from late August through early September in the Gregorian calendar.
elusive hard to perceive, understand, or remember. [3 definitions]
eluviation the movement through soil of material that is in suspension or solution in rainwater or snow melt.
eluvium a deposit of soil, dust, or gravel caused by the weathering and disintegration of rocks, and usu. remaining at the site. (Cf. alluvium.)
elver a young eel, esp. at the stage of upstream migration from the ocean.
elves pl. of elf.
elvish variant of elfish.
Elysian of, concerning, or resembling Elysium. [2 definitions]
Elysian fields see "Elysium."