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embark to board a ship, esp. to begin a voyage. [4 definitions]
embarkation the act or an instance of embarking.
embarrass to shame, disconcert, make ill at ease, or make painfully self-conscious. [5 definitions]
embarrassable combined form of embarrass.
embarrassed experiencing, expressing, or marked by feelings of shame, painful self-consciousness, or unease. [2 definitions]
embarrassing causing or accompanied by feelings of shame, painful self-consciousness, or unease.
embarrassment the condition of being embarrassed. [3 definitions]
embassy an ambassador and his staff. [4 definitions]
embattle to dispose or prepare (troops or a fortification) for battle. [2 definitions]
embattled under attack by enemies or opponents; involved in battle. [2 definitions]
embay to surround, enclose, or shelter in a bay, or as in a bay.
embed to set or enclose firmly in some surrounding material. [2 definitions]
embedded of journalists, stationed and traveling with a designated active military unit for the purpose of wartime reporting.
embellish to improve by, or as though by, decorations; decorate. [2 definitions]
embellishment a beautifying decoration or addition. [3 definitions]
ember a small piece of glowing wood or coal, esp. in a dying fire. [2 definitions]
embezzle to take by fraud for one's own use (money or property entrusted to one's care).
embitter to make bitter the feelings or attitude of (someone). [2 definitions]
emblazon to display (a coat of arms) on a knight's shield or other surface. [5 definitions]
emblem an object or its representation, functioning as a symbol. [3 definitions]
emblematic of, pertaining to, or acting as an emblem; symbolic.