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embellishment a beautifying decoration or addition. [3 definitions]
ember a small piece of glowing wood or coal, esp. in a dying fire. [2 definitions]
embezzle to take by fraud for one's own use (money or property entrusted to one's care).
embitter to make bitter the feelings or attitude of (someone). [2 definitions]
emblazon to display (a coat of arms) on a knight's shield or other surface. [5 definitions]
emblem an object or its representation, functioning as a symbol. [3 definitions]
emblematic of, pertaining to, or acting as an emblem; symbolic.
embodiment the act of embodying, or the state of being embodied. [3 definitions]
embody to provide with, or as though with, a body; incarnate. [3 definitions]
embolden to make bold; encourage.
embolectomy the surgical removal of an embolus, usu. from a blood vessel.
embolism in pathology, the obstruction or closure of a blood vessel by undissolved matter carried in the blood stream.
embolus a foreign body, such as an air bubble or a blood clot, in the bloodstream.
embosom to shelter or envelop protectively.
emboss to raise or represent in relief (a surface design). [2 definitions]
embossable combined form of emboss.
embouchure the mouth of a river. [4 definitions]
embower to cover or enclose in, or as in, a bower.
embrace to clasp in one's arms; hug. [8 definitions]
embraceable combined form of embrace.
embrasure an opening for a door or window splayed toward the interior. [2 definitions]