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embryo an organism in its earliest stage or stages of development and in a rudimentary or early form. [3 definitions]
embryologist one who studies embryos and their development.
embryology the branch of science that concerns the formation and development of embryos. [2 definitions]
embryonic of, relating to, or in the state of being an embryo. [2 definitions]
emcee a master of ceremonies. [3 definitions]
emeer variant of emir.
emend to correct or improve (written text), esp. by removing errors; edit.
emendable combined form of emend.
emendate to edit or emend (a text).
emerald a gemstone of brilliant, transparent, dark green beryl. [2 definitions]
Emerald Isle the island of Ireland.
emerge to rise up from or come out of a surrounding environment or substance. [3 definitions]
emergence the act or process of emerging.
emergency a serious situation or sudden crisis, usu. unforeseen, that requires immediate action.
emergent rising up from or coming out of a surrounding environment or substance; emerging. [4 definitions]
emeritus retired but continuing to hold as an honorary title the one held just prior to retirement. [2 definitions]
emersion the reappearance of an astronomical body from concealment by another, as by an eclipse; egress. (Cf. immersion.)
emery a fine-grained abrasive made of a corundum mixture, used for grinding and polishing.
emery board a small stiff strip of cardboard that has been coated with powdered emery, used as a nail file.
emery wheel a wheel that is made of or has been coated with emery, used in a machine to cut, grind, or polish.
emetic causing vomiting. [2 definitions]