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emery wheel a wheel that is made of or has been coated with emery, used in a machine to cut, grind, or polish.
emetic causing vomiting. [2 definitions]
EMI abbreviation of "electromagnetic interference."
-emia blood.
emigrant one who emigrates. [3 definitions]
emigrate to leave one country or region, usu. the country of origin, in order to settle in another.
emigration the act or an instance of emigrating. [2 definitions]
emigré one who has emigrated, esp. for political reasons.
Emily Dickinson major U.S. poet who remained largely unpublished and unknown during her lifetime (b.1830--d.1886).
eminence a lofty and respected position or reputation. [3 definitions]
éminence grise (French) a person who wields great power and influence, usu. unofficially or secretly, and sometimes selfishly.
eminent outstanding in position or achievement; prominent; distinguished. [3 definitions]
eminent domain in law, the right of a government to appropriate privately owned land or property for public use, upon payment of compensation to the owner.
emir a Muslim chieftain or governor. [2 definitions]
emirate the office held by an emir. [2 definitions]
emissary an agent sent to represent, or engage in some activity such as negotiations on behalf of, another person or group, esp. a government.
emission the act of emitting. [2 definitions]
emit to send out or discharge. [3 definitions]
Emmanuel variant of Immanuel.
emoji any of various small pictorial symbols or images that are used in electronic communication such as in text messages or emails to convey an emotion, attitude, wish, opinion, or the like.
emollient making soft; soothing, esp. to the skin. [2 definitions]