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end table a small table, usu. rectangular, placed at either end of a sofa or beside a chair.
endue to endow with some quality or characteristic.
end up to arrive at a place or enter into a situation or course of action as the final choice or final outcome.
endurable able to be endured or withstood.
endurance the act, condition, or capacity of functioning under prolonged stress. [2 definitions]
endure to bear up under or function in spite of. [4 definitions]
enduring long-lasting, permanent, chronic, or persistent. [2 definitions]
enduro a long race or contest, as for motorcycles or automobiles, that is designed to test endurance.
end user the user for whom a personal computing device or application is ultimately designed, particularly as distinct from one who designs, programs, manufactures, or sells the end product.
endways placed or resting on an end; on end. [4 definitions]
endwise see "endways."
end zone an area ten yards deep at either end of a football field, into which players attempt to carry the ball to score points.
-ene unsaturated hydrocarbon.
ENE abbreviation of "east-northeast."
enema the injection of a liquid into the rectum through the anus, usu. for medical purposes. [2 definitions]
enemy one who acts with or feels hostility toward another; adversary. [5 definitions]
energetic full of or displaying energy; active; vigorous. [2 definitions]
energetics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics concerned with energy and its transformations.
energize to inspire, make active, or infuse with energy. [3 definitions]
energy the power or capacity for activity. [4 definitions]
energy-saving of or pertaining to a device or process that uses energy efficiently.