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end either extreme point of anything that has length. [18 definitions]
endamoeba any of various one-celled organisms parasitic to invertebrates, one of which causes dysentery in humans; entamoeba.
endanger to cause to be exposed to danger. [2 definitions]
endangered exposed to danger. [2 definitions]
endangered species a species of plant or animal that is in danger of becoming extinct.
endear to cause to be loved or cherished.
endearing inspiring or expressing warm affection.
endearment a loving or affectionate act, word, or gesture. [2 definitions]
endeavor to make an earnest effort; strive. [2 definitions]
endemic native to or restricted to a given place or population. [3 definitions]
endeth (archaic) third-person singular indicative form of the verb "end" in the present tense.
ending the last part; conclusion, esp. of a narrative or dramatic plot. [2 definitions]
endive chicory, or a related plant, the leaves of which are used cooked or uncooked in salads.
endless being or seeming boundless; infinite; limitless. [3 definitions]
end line either of two lines, one at each end of a basketball court, football field, or the like, that marks the limit of the playing area.
endmost located nearest to the end; furthest; last.
endo- within; inside.
endoblast see "endoderm."
endocarditis inflammation of the thin membrane lining the inside of the heart.
endocarp the inner layer of a ripened plant ovary such as a fruit pit.
endocrine of a gland, releasing a secretion directly into the bodily fluids, as do the thyroid and adrenals, rather than through ducts. [4 definitions]