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enlightened having been awakened to knowledge or truth. [2 definitions]
enlightenment the act of enlightening, or the condition of being enlightened. [2 definitions]
enlist to volunteer or sign up to serve, as in the military or in some cause. [2 definitions]
enlisted man a member of the military who is neither a commissioned officer nor a warrant officer.
enlistment the act of enlisting. [2 definitions]
enliven to cause to be lively or cheerful.
en masse as a body, group, or whole; all together.
enmesh to catch or ensnare; cause to be involved; entangle.
enmity the mutual feeling of enemies toward each other; hatred; hostility; antagonism.
ennead a group or set of nine persons or things.
ennoble to make exalted in character, quality, or moral worth. [2 definitions]
ennui a general feeling of boredom and dissatisfaction, esp. with all aspects of life.
enormity the quality of surpassing moral limits; offensive or disgraceful character. [3 definitions]
enormous extremely large in size, quantity, or extent; huge; immense.
enough adequate to satisfy a requirement or need; sufficient. [6 definitions]
enplane to enter an aircraft, esp. as a passenger.
enquire variant of inquire.
enrage to cause to be extremely angry; infuriate.
enraged filled with extreme anger or rage.
enrapt filled with rapture; fascinated; enthralled; rapt.
enrapture to cause to be in rapture or to be ecstatically joyful.