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ensign a flag or other pennant, banner, or identifying badge or sign. [2 definitions]
ensilage the enclosing, as in a silo, of fresh plant matter to be used as animal food, so as to store and preserve it by fermentation. [3 definitions]
ensile to store (green fodder) in or as in a silo.
enslave to cause to be a slave or to be in a condition of bondage.
enslaved deprived of liberty and considered the property of another; being in a state of slavery.
ensnare to trap, trick, or catch.
ensnarl to draw into a tangle or intrigue; embroil.
ensue to occur just after another event. [2 definitions]
ensure to cause to be a certainty. [2 definitions]
-ent causing or performing (such) an action. [3 definitions]
entablature in classical temples or derivatives, the part of the building between the columns and the roof, consisting of the architrave, frieze, and cornice.
entail to call for or bring about as a necessary accompaniment; necessarily involve. [5 definitions]
entamoeba any of several amoebas that are parasitic in vertebrates, esp. one that causes dysentery.
entangle to cause to be snarled or tangled. [3 definitions]
entanglement the act of entangling, or the condition of being entangled. [2 definitions]
entente an accord of countries or other political units with regard to specified mutual positions or courses of action. [2 definitions]
enter to come or go in. [11 definitions]
enterable combined form of enter.
enteric of or pertaining to the enteron; intestinal.
enteritis inflammation of the small intestine or, sometimes, the colon.
entero- intestine.