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entomb to bury or put in a tomb. [2 definitions]
entomo- insect.
entomology the science concerned with insects.
entourage a group of people who accompany another person as attendants or associates; retinue.
entr'acte the intermission between the acts of a play or opera. [2 definitions]
entrails the inner organs of a human or other animal, esp. the intestinal tract. [2 definitions]
entrain1 to get on a train. [2 definitions]
entrain2 to cause to move along after; pull along. [3 definitions]
entrance1 an act or instance of entering. [3 definitions]
entrance2 to inspire a state of delight, trance, or enchantment in; charm; enrapture.
entranced utterly fascinated, charmed, or captivated.
entranceway a passage or doorway for entering.
entrant one who enters, as into a contest or an institution.
entrap to capture using or as if using a trap. [4 definitions]
entreat to beg (someone) for something, or to do something. [3 definitions]
entreaty an urgent or emotional request; plea.
entrée the act or right of entering. [3 definitions]
entrench to protect or fortify (oneself), as with trenches. [3 definitions]
entre nous (French) between us; confidentially.
entrepreneur someone who assumes the financial risk of beginning and operating one or several businesses.
entrepreneurial spirit enthusiasm and ambition for starting or running a private business.