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epiphany (cap.) a Christian celebration on January 6 of the revelation of the divinity of Jesus Christ to the Magi. [3 definitions]
epiphenomenon a phenomenon that appears to be related to a more important one. [2 definitions]
epiphyseal of or pertaining to an end of a long bone.
epiphyseal plate the area of growth at each end of the long bones of children and adolescents, also known as the growth plate or physis.
epiphysis the end of a long bone that is separated from the main bone by a layer of cartilage in children but is fused to the main bone in adults.
epiphyte a plant that grows upon another plant but provides its own nutrients, as certain orchids or lichens.
episcopacy government of a church by bishops. [3 definitions]
episcopal of or relating to a bishop or government of a church by bishops. [2 definitions]
Episcopalian of, belonging to, or relating to the Episcopal Church. [3 definitions]
episcopate the office, term, or post of a bishop. [3 definitions]
episiotomy an incision of the vulva often made to facilitate childbirth.
episode a single incident or event, or a related group of these, making up a segment in a life or a long narrative. [3 definitions]
episodic pertaining to or characteristic of an episode. [3 definitions]
epistemic of, connected with, or involving knowledge or the process of acquiring knowledge. [2 definitions]
epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge. [2 definitions]
epistle a letter, esp. one having a formal subject or tone. [2 definitions]
epistolary like, involving, or found in letters or the writing of letters. [3 definitions]
epitaph on a gravestone or tomb, an inscription commemorating the dead person. [2 definitions]
epitaxy the growth of a crystalline layer on an existing crystal that guides its development.
epithalamium a poem, ode, or song honoring a bride, bridegroom, or couple.
epithelium a protective, membranous layer of tissue, usu. a single layer of close-knit cells, that lines the cavities and the outside of an organism.