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epiphysis the end of a long bone that is separated from the main bone by a layer of cartilage in children but is fused to the main bone in adults.
epiphyte a plant that grows upon another plant but provides its own nutrients, as certain orchids or lichens.
episcopacy government of a church by bishops. [3 definitions]
episcopal of or relating to a bishop or government of a church by bishops. [2 definitions]
Episcopalian of, belonging to, or relating to the Episcopal Church. [3 definitions]
episcopate the office, term, or post of a bishop. [3 definitions]
episiotomy an incision of the vulva often made to facilitate childbirth.
episode a single incident or event, or a related group of these, making up a segment in a life or a long narrative. [3 definitions]
episodic pertaining to or characteristic of an episode. [3 definitions]
epistemic of, connected with, or involving knowledge or the process of acquiring knowledge. [2 definitions]
epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge. [2 definitions]
epistle a letter, esp. one having a formal subject or tone. [2 definitions]
epistolary like, involving, or found in letters or the writing of letters. [3 definitions]
epitaph on a gravestone or tomb, an inscription commemorating the dead person. [2 definitions]
epitaxy the growth of a crystalline layer on an existing crystal that guides its development.
epithalamium a poem, ode, or song honoring a bride, bridegroom, or couple.
epithelium a protective, membranous layer of tissue, usu. a single layer of close-knit cells, that lines the cavities and the outside of an organism.
epithet a word or phrase attached to, or used in place of, a given name. [2 definitions]
epitome a person, thing, or action that represents the essence, or serves as the purest example, of some quality or type. [2 definitions]
epitomize to represent the essence of; be the purest example of. [2 definitions]
epizootic of a disease among animals, having the nature of an epidemic. [2 definitions]