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essential oil any rapidly evaporating oil that gives a characteristic odor or flavor to a plant, flower, or fruit, used in making perfumes, flavorings, and the like.
essonite a brown or yellow type of garnet; cinnamon stone.
-est used to form the superlative degree of many adjectives and adverbs.
EST abbreviation of "Eastern Standard Time," the standard time used in the eastern region of the United States, five hours behind Greenwich time.
est.1 abbreviation of "established," found or brought into being on a firm or stable basis.
est.2 abbreviation of "estimated," calculated approximate amount, size, or value of.
establish to found or bring into being on a firm or stable basis. [3 definitions]
establishable combined form of establish.
established church a church that is recognized by law and supported as a state institution by a government; national church.
establishment the act of establishing. [4 definitions]
esta muerto (Spanish) he is dead.
estate a landed property, usu. large and having a sizable house connected to it. [4 definitions]
estate agency (chiefly British) a business that manages the purchase, sale, or lease of houses and other property; real estate agency.
estate agent (chiefly British) one whose job is to help clients buy, sell, lease, or manage real estate; real estate agent.
esteem to have a high opinion of; respect; honor. [3 definitions]
esteemed highly respected or valued.
ester a chemical compound formed by the interaction of an acid and an alcohol.
Esther according to the Old Testament, the Jewish wife of a Persian king who saved her people from slaughter. [2 definitions]
esthesia the capacity to receive physical sensations; ability to experience through the senses.
esthete variant of aesthete.
esthetic variant of aesthetic.