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estival of or pertaining to summer.
estivate to spend the summer. [2 definitions]
Estonia an East European country bordered by the Baltic Sea, Russia, and Latvia; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
Estonian of or pertaining to Estonia or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
estop in law, to hinder or prevent (someone) from asserting a claim or fact that is inconsistent with a previous assertion of fact.
estoppel in law, a prohibition against making an allegation or denial that is contradictory, esp. to an allegation or denial made previously.
estovers necessities that law allows for, such as wood for a tenant's use as fuel.
estradiol an estrogen hormone found in the ovaries that causes the tissues and blood vessels of the mucous membranes lining the uterus to proliferate and thicken. [2 definitions]
estrange to cause (someone) to change from friendly and sympathetic to hostile or indifferent; alienate. [2 definitions]
estreat a copy of or excerpt from a legal document or record, esp. of a fine. [3 definitions]
estriol an estrogen hormone found in the ovaries and in the urine during a normal pregnancy. [2 definitions]
estrogen any of several female hormones that produce sexual heat and capability of pregnancy in most mammals, and that produce and maintain other female characteristics.
estrous cycle the cycle of chemical and physiological changes in female mammals from one period of estrus and ovulation to the next.
estrus the recurrent period of heat or sexual excitement in female mammals, during which the female will mate with the male.
estuary the wide part of a river's lower end, where it meets the tides of the sea. [2 definitions]
esurient hungry, esp. for money or power; greedy; voracious; avaricious.
Eswatini a country in southeastern Africa between South Africa and Mozambique, formerly known as Swaziland.
-et small.
ETA abbreviation of "estimated time of arrival."
eta the name of the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
étagère (French) a set of open shelves for decorative items.