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-et small.
ETA abbreviation of "estimated time of arrival."
eta the name of the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
étagère (French) a set of open shelves for decorative items.
et al. abbreviation of "et alii" (Latin); and others. [2 definitions]
etc. abbreviation of "et cetera," and others, as of the same kind or class; and the like; and so forth.
et cetera and others, as of the same kind or class; and the like; and so forth. (abbr.: etc.)
etceteras additional things or persons.
etch to cut or eat into (a hard material, such as a printer's plate, glass, stone, or the like), esp. with acid, usu. so as to produce an image, design, or lettering. [4 definitions]
etching the art, act, or process of making designs, lettering, or the like in hard material by cutting or eating away, esp. with acid. [2 definitions]
eternal having no beginning or end; existing outside of time; timeless. [4 definitions]
eternity time without beginning or end; infinite past and future. [3 definitions]
eternize to make everlasting; cause to continue forever. [2 definitions]
etesian of or designating the annual northerly summer winds of the Mediterranean.
-eth used to form an ordinal when a number ends in "-y".
ethane a colorless, odorless gas found in natural gas and used as a fuel or refrigerant.
ethanol ethyl alcohol.
ethene see "ethylene."
ether a very volatile, flammable liquid compound of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, used as a solvent and formerly as an anesthetic. [4 definitions]
ethereal extremely light, airy, and delicate; insubstantial. [3 definitions]
etherealize to cause to appear ethereal. [2 definitions]