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even money equal stakes or odds given or offered in a wager.
even number a whole number that can be divided exactly by 2.
evensong (usu. cap.) a Roman Catholic or Anglican Church worship service of prayer or song, held in the evening. [3 definitions]
even-steven (informal) even or in balance with reference to another; without having an advantage in amount, degree, or the like over another.
event a distinct happening or occurrence; something that takes place. [4 definitions]
even-tempered of quiet disposition; not easily upset; calm.
eventful full of noteworthy incidents. [2 definitions]
eventide evening.
eventless combined form of event.
eventual happening in the end after an indefinite amount of time.
eventuality something that might happen; contingent occurrence.
eventually at an indefinite time in the future; ultimately; finally.
eventuate to be the final result; turn out.
ever at some time; at any time. [3 definitions]
everglade a tract of swampland, esp. in Florida, having interlaced waterways and usu. dense stands of tall marsh grasses.
evergreen of trees, shrubs, and the like, having leaves that remain green throughout the year. (Cf. deciduous.) [3 definitions]
everlasting enduring forever; eternal; endless. [7 definitions]
evermore forever; always. [2 definitions]
eversion the act of turning or being turned inside out or outward.
evert to turn inside out or outward.
every being each and all constituents of a group. [2 definitions]